Hybrid Composite Stacked Flap

Hybrid breast reconstruction, also known as composite stacked flap reconstruction, is a newer, customized technique that combines multiple autologous techniques to achieve more appealing and realistic breasts. In essence, this procedure combines multiple autologous flap reconstructions to build one or more breasts. The surgery may be initiated and completed at the time of mastectomy. It may be a necessary option if the patient does not have enough fat in one area to rebuild the breast or if the patient needs larger breasts in general. It may also be utilized if one breast needs to be rebuilt to match the size of the other breast when one flap is not enough volume.

Our plastic surgeons at New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Center are highly trained and experienced in both implant-based breast reconstructions and flap procedures including the hybrid stacked flap. We typically use a DIEP flap (abdominal flap), latissimus dorsi (back muscle) flap, GAP flap (buttock flap), or PAP flap (thigh flap) to harvest adequate tissue for the reconstructive procedure. Our team will create an individualized reconstruction plan for you and use advanced surgical skills to create results that look natural and symmetrical.

Ideal Candidates for a Composite Stacked Flap Reconstruction


Hybrid breast reconstruction uses both implants and tissue flaps obtained from other parts of the body to achieve a holistic, aesthetic outcome. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if:


  • You are in good physical shape to undergo reconstructive surgery.
  • You have loose abdominal skin but still, need more volume to attain the desired outcome.
  • You need to replace or improve radiated or compromised skin after a mastectomy but lack enough fatty tissue for a complete reconstruction.
  • You prefer to have an autologous breast reconstruction but also desire additional volume to achieve your ideal breast size.

Different women have different needs when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. During your initial consultation visit to the New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Center, a plastic surgeon will discuss hybrid stacked flaps and other options that are available to you. Our goal is to help you choose a hybrid reconstruction approach that is not only safe but also leads to your desired aesthetic outcome.

DIEP Flap New Jersey

Composite Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Composite stacked flap reconstruction is performed in a hospital or accredited surgical facility. Once you are prepped for the procedure, an anesthesiologist will sedate you in order to ensure your comfort and safety. In some cases, it may be possible to perform the entire procedure at the same time as the mastectomy. After the mastectomy, the skin, fat, and blood vessels are harvested from the multiple donor sites. Then the tissue flaps and blood vessels are connected to the breast to build the breast mound. For most women, though, hybrid reconstruction is a staged procedure. In some cases plastic surgeons may use the tissue flaps in addition to the implant to achieve the intended breast size.


Benefits of Hybrid Flap Breast Reconstruction

New Jersey women who choose to have a composite flap breast reconstruction experience numerous, unique benefits:


  • Reshaping of other body areas – one of the best things about this type of breast reconstruction procedure is that it contours multiple areas. Donor areas such as the lower abdomen and the back are reshaped and toned when excess tissue is extracted to form the new breast mound. This often results in a generally improved body frame.
  • Natural breast look and feel – hybrid flap breast reconstruction uses implants along with muscle-sparing autologous reconstruction. Reconstruction surgeons only use fatty tissue, skin, and associated blood vessels to form the new breast mound. This results in a natural breast that is in proportion with the rest of your body. More so, patients do not have to worry about a prolonged recovery time and morbidity at the donor site.
  • Desired breast size and shape – hybrid breast reconstruction is the solution of choice for women who desire larger reconstructed breasts. Plastic surgeons can source donor tissue from multiple areas as well as use implants to meet your breast size, volume, and shape preferences.

Recovery After Hybrid Breast Reconstruction


Following composite stacked flap breast reconstruction, patients typically experience swelling and bruising. These side effects normally subside after a few weeks. Discomfort is another typical reaction to this treatment. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to ease your discomfort, and antibiotics to prevent infections. Feelings of tightness and intermittent muscle spasms are normal and usually disappear once the swelling resolves. Some numbness is also typical after this surgery, and the recovery of nerves often results in itching, tingling, and mild electrical sensations. It may help to perform gentle stretches (if you are no longer feeling pain) in the early weeks of recovery. Most women are able to resume normal activities after about 6 weeks. However, it may be a few months before you are allowed to exercise again or engage in demanding physical activities. Scarring starts to improve after a couple of months and usually fades within 18 months. It is absolutely important that you adhere to the surgeon’s aftercare instructions in order to ensure a smooth recovery process following this breast reconstructive procedure. Our office at New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Center will be available throughout the recovery duration to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

Plan Your Composite Hybrid Flap Surgery in New Jersey

Our reconstructive surgeons employ the latest microsurgical techniques to deliver an outstanding stacked flap breast reconstruction outcome. Like other reconstructive breast surgeries after surgery, this treatment is covered by health insurance plans. The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 is federal legislation that requires individual and group health plans to pay for reconstruction surgery after breast reconstruction. Composite stacked flap reconstruction procedure may take up to 10 hours based on the specifics of the surgery. You’ll need to stay in the hospital for 1 – 3 nights after this procedure. Make plans for someone to help out with chores during the early tasks of recovery.

Schedule Your Consultation in New Jersey


At New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Center, we perfect both implant and natural tissue reconstruction procedures. Our composite stacked flaps take the best from both worlds to suit the specific needs of each patient. We understand the difficulty of a cancer diagnosis and treatment and handle each patient with the utmost compassion, respect, and an exceptional level of care. Our team will provide a pleasant breast reconstruction experience that results in an outcome that is totally worth it. Get in touch with our office to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about hybrid flap reconstruction.

Hybrid Stacked Flap FAQ


What is hybrid breast reconstruction?

Many women undergo reconstructive breast surgery using either implant-based reconstruction or autologous breast reconstruction. In some unique cases, multiple autologous flap techniques can help provide the best outcome. This method of breast reconstruction is referred to as hybrid stacked flap reconstruction.

What are the risks of stacked flap reconstruction?

Like all other surgical techniques, hybrid breast reconstruction has its risks. These include common surgical risks such as bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing. Whether you need a single breast rebuild or are looking to have bilateral breast reconstruction, our surgeons leverage the advanced techniques to deliver a successful outcome while minimizing the risk of these complications.

How to prepare for hybrid stacked flap reconstruction?

Preparing ahead of time is important in order to ensure a successful procedure outcome. Your plastic surgeon will provide precise preparation tips during one of your consultation visits at the New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Center. Focusing on a healthy diet and staying hydrated can help your body prepare for this surgery. You will be asked to quit smoking at least a month before the surgery, as well as stop taking certain medications and herbal supplements that can increase the risk of complications.

What flap techniques are used in hybrid reconstruction?

During your composite reconstructive breast surgery in New Jersey, our plastic surgeons combine a variety of autologous techniques such as GAP (Gluteal Artery Perforator) flap, PAP (Profunda Artery Perforator) flap, and DIEP flap reconstruction.